March 24, 2023

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If you’re like other Americans, you may have racked up a sizable amount of debt in the last few years. Even now, you may be finding it hard to keep up with your monthly credit card payments. But rather than falling further behind, you should consider consolidating your debt with a balance transfer credit card.

Balance transfer credit cards offer an introductory 0% annual percentage rate (APR) on existing balances that you transfer over from other credit cards. This introductory rate applies to the transferred debt for anywhere from 12 to as many as 21 months from when you first open the card. That means if you transfer your balance now, you could pay no interest on your debt until 2024.

Some balance transfer credit cards also offer great rewards on your everyday purchases, and a few even have useful perks such as cell phone protection or travel insurance. So if you need to get your credit card debt under control, check out our list of the best balance transfer credit cards to decide which one best fits your needs.

Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card: Best overall for balance transfers
U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Card: Best for long balance transfers
Citi® Double Cash Card: Best for flat-rate cash back
Chase Freedom Flex℠: Best for rotating bonus categories
Citi Rewards+® Card: Best for small purchases

Why did we select these cards as our best balance transfer credit cards for March 2023? CNN Underscored’s comprehensive credit card methodology compares every aspect of each balance transfer credit card to our “benchmark credit card” to determine which cards can potentially bring you maximum value. So dive into the details of each card with us, and see how they stack up.

Why it’s great in one sentence: If your main focus is to lower your interest payments, the Citi Diamond Preferred offers a 0% APR for a full 21 months on balance transfers completed in the first four months after you open the card (the interest rate rises to a variable 17.49% to 28.24% after the introductory period ends).

This card is right for: People who want an extended time frame to consolidate their debt, with 21 months at the introductory rate as well as a lengthy period to complete any balance transfers and still get the introductory offer.


  • 0% introductory APR for 21 months on balance transfers made in the first four months after you open the card (17.49% to 28.24% variable afterward).
  • 0% introductory APR on all purchases for the first 12 months (17.49% to 28.24% variable APR afterward).
  • No annual fee.

Sign-up bonus: None

What we like about the Citi Diamond Preferred: This is a great card if you need an extended amount of time to get your finances in order. It offers a lengthy introductory rate on balance transfers, which means you may be able to simplify your life by consolidating all your debt onto one credit card and then paying down what you owe through 2023 and even into 2024.

You have a four-month period after you first open the Citi Diamond Preferred to make any balance transfers and still have them qualify for the introductory APR offer. Just keep in mind that the 21-month clock starts from the date of your first transfer, so if you have more than one transfer, it’s best to get them all done at roughly the same time.

The Citi Diamond Preferred card also comes with a free FICO credit score online and allows you to choose your payment due date, which is extremely helpful for those who pay their credit card bills around their paycheck schedule and need maximum flexibility.


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