June 8, 2023

Baby Foot peels have earned a cult following since the brand launched in 1997, due in part to their gross (but extremely satisfying) method of shedding skin from your feet (a pleasure that shares close kinship with the satisfaction of watching Dr. Pimple Popper videos). Right now, you can pick up a peel on Ulta for $19 instead of $25 — perfect timing to start shedding those layers of dead skin and prepping your feet for sandal season.

This box contains two Baby Foot booties that you slip over your feet and leave for an hour (while you’re streaming the latest “Succession” episode, perhaps?). Then, you simply wash the gel off. You might not notice anything at first, but here comes the gross/cool part: After three to seven days the dry skin on the bottom of your feet will start to peel off. It might be a good idea to wear socks during this time.

After that metamorphosis? Your feet will be soft and sans all the unsightly (and potentially uncomfortable) dry skin, so you can show off a pedicure with your favorite pair of sandals. Pick up a Baby Foot peel while it’s 26% off during Ulta’s Spring Haul sale.


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