February 25, 2024

You can lead a cat to water, but nobody can make them drink. Yes, while cats are notoriously independent, Eufy has figured out how to, at the very least, give my pampered pets 24/7 access to clean drinking water. The simple, attractive Pet Water Fountain lets you toss that dirty water bowl and offers filtered H2O on demand for cats and small dogs that are looking for a cool, long drink.

The Eufy Pet Water Fountain uses a filtration system and a motor to continuously circulate up to 2 liters of water for cats to drink (or play with). And because it’s just slightly larger than a pop-up box of tissues, it won’t stand out in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere you decide to place it.

It’s a win-win in my house because not only does it encourage my two cats to drink more, which is good for their health, but they also love the movement of the water. And, because it holds about a week’s worth of water, I don’t have to think about it for a few days or worry that one of them may have knocked over the dish while I’m out. And I definitely don’t miss washing out that slobbery bowl every day.

The Eufy Pet Water Fountain is a good-looking drinking fountain for cats and small dogs. Not only does it allow you to fill it up and forget about it, but you will enjoy peace of mind that your animals have constant access to clean, filtered water that can’t easily be knocked over when you’re out. The sleek design allows you to place it more prominently in your home and a built-in LED light will alert you if it’s getting low.

Since I keep it on my kitchen counter, I love how sleek looking this Eufy Pet Water Fountain is. Before this, I used the Catit pet water fountain, which, though cheaper at $20, looks like a kitschy green and white plastic flower and is not something I want to place prominently in my home. When I unboxed the Eufy fountain I was immediately drawn to the minimalist stainless steel and white design, and appreciated the clear water container that would allow me to check the water level at a glance. Easy-to-read maximum and minimum level marks let me know when/if I need to add water (I usually go about four to five days before refilling), and if I don’t get around to it quickly enough, a hard-to-ignore red LED light appears on the base.

eufy fountain close cnnu.jpg

At 7.48 by 7.48 by 6.22 inches tall, it’s also compact and can be placed almost anywhere you like, as long as it’s within 3 feet of an outlet to power the motor. While the container technically holds 3 liters of water, in actuality it can only circulate 2 liters, or about half a gallon, since the fountain won’t operate if it’s below the minimum water level.

New Jersey veterinarian Dr. Sue Tobias says drinking running water from a fountain is more natural for cats, as their instinct is to drink running water from a stream or a river. “Some cats like to drink water from an open faucet because they like the dripping water, and they like to put their paws in it and play. House cats need to be encouraged to drink more water and this is a great way to do that.”

Due to its smaller capacity, Eufy says the fountain is designed for cats as well as dogs up to 30 pounds — though dogs may not be quite as fascinated by the running water. Dr. Tobias uses a pet water fountain for her own two cats and points to the customization options it offers. For smaller pets that can’t (or don’t like to) bend their neck, they can drink from a higher point. And more importantly, the fountain’s movement tends to intrigue animals and encourages hydration.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the previous Catit fountain I used was the incessant humming noise the electric pump made. And that got even louder when the water level ran low. But the Eufy Pet Water Fountain was quiet on all fronts.

Eufy got smart and placed the motor in the base of the unit, instead of in the water tank. Not only does that keep it quiet, but it also keeps it from getting gunked up with all the slime and junk floating in the water tank. The pump itself can be easily removed and washed as part of the regular cleaning routine.

eufy black white cat cnnu.jpg

Forget rinsing out a water dish every day. With the Eufy Pet Water Fountain, you only need to perform a thorough cleaning and change out the filter (four-pack refills can be purchased online for $20) once a month to keep things clean. The carbon and resin filter traps any dirt, food or dust but I find the pet saliva on the food-grade stainless steel dish can get slimy pretty quickly.

Once a week I unplug it and take apart the fountain, emptying and cleaning the water tank, the dish, the spout and the pump. A simple wipe-down with warm water is all it takes and it’s easy to put back together. I don’t think any of the aforementioned gunk affects the taste of the water, since my cats never seem to notice, but I like knowing their drinking water is filtered and slime-free.

It’s difficult to find fault with a fountain that doesn’t make any noise or mess, but I do have small quibbles with pet water fountains overall.

First, at $20 for a four-pack, the cost of filters can add up. Each brand uses a different type of filter that should be replaced every month and if they’re not, then you’re basically serving your pet recycled dirty water instead of clean, filtered water. It’s important to change them regularly, so be aware of the cost of replacements ahead of time.

My biggest concern: What happens if the power goes out when you’re not home? Once the water level gets too low, or if it loses power, the pump stops working and the water becomes inaccessible. This would only be an issue when leaving your cats alone for a day or two, but for a lot of folks, it’s the reason they purchase a product like this. When I go away, I’ll leave out an extra bowl of water just in case and hope neither of the kitties knock it over so they can watch it trickle.

eufy orange cat cnnu.jpg

The Eufy Pet Water Fountain is a time-saving and entertaining way to encourage pets to drink more water, especially for cats who dislike drinking from a bowl. In fact, this $45 fountain has made a huge difference in my cats’ daily water intake. And because its sleek look makes it more attractive and it’s easy to clean and maintain, you’re more likely to keep up with regular maintenance.

Using it also means you won’t have to put out fresh water every day or wash the water dish each night, and the red light on the fountain alerts you when the water level is running low. If you have finicky cats or small dogs who could benefit from more hydration, this could lead them to cleaner water — just let them think it was their idea.


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