February 23, 2024


President Joe Biden is set to convene his Cabinet Tuesday, bringing his top lieutenants together to discuss a wide range of topics for the first Cabinet meeting since he declared his candidacy for reelection and days after Congress passed a bipartisan bill to avert a catastrophic default.

“The president’s going to be convening his Cabinet secretaries tomorrow in the Cabinet Room, as he does from time to time, to discuss the progress we’ve made in investing in America,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre previewed to reporters.

The agenda, Jean-Pierre said, includes highlighting job creation, the unemployment rate being under 4%, falling inflation and private sector investments, as well as the bill to raise the debt limit.

The ending of the Covid-19 public health emergency and the lifting of the Title 42 immigration policy are also expected to be a topic of conversation, two key events since the last Cabinet meeting that have engaged leadership across departments.

And Biden will discuss “the next 100 days” with his Cabinet members, Jean-Pierre said, pointing to infrastructure, clean energy, manufacturing investment, curbing gun violence, and efforts to protect women’s reproductive rights.

The Cabinet last met on January 5, a meeting in which Biden stressed the importance of implementation of major legislation passed in the first two years of his administration, which will continue to be critical for Biden’s political fortunes heading into the next presidential election.

This Cabinet meeting will reflect some turnover, including Jeff Zients replacing Ron Klain in the chief of staff seat. And Marty Walsh stepped down from his role as labor secretary in February. Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su, who is currently serving in that capacity while her nomination remains stalled, will attend the meeting Tuesday, Jean-Pierre confirmed.

It remains unclear if Su can get the votes necessary for her nomination to pass the Senate. Biden, Jean-Pierre said, “has confidence that she (Su) will get through” Congress and she continues to have the administration’s support.


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